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Originally published during the 2009/10 Holiday Season:

Soap nuts are truly a timely rediscovery for environmentally friendly detergents and household cleaning products. People are actively seeking better earth friendly products more than ever before in history. What could be a better gift idea than soap nuts? They are a perfect green gift!

Soap Nuts Sampler Stocking StuffersThis is a holiday season when we all want – and need – to be frugal. It is a year when green shopping has taken on much greater importance. This year soap nuts have actually become a “buzz”! However, few people really understand them. So, what makes the ideal green gift that is both fun and practical; a gift that will be used and appreciated; a gift that just might change someone’s life for the better – and certainly will be better for our world? SOAP NUTS – the only true 100% natural, chemical-free, green laundry detergent and cleaner.

Tremendous credibility was given to soap nuts (soapnuts, soap berries, etc.) this year by the “Green Dot Awards – Celebrating Excellence in Green Products and Services.” Some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world compete for their awards. Their jury reads like a who’s-who of green movement leaders. In their own words, “NaturOli green detergents and cleansers. Use of saponin, which is derived naturally from soap nuts, is possibly the most significant green innovation in history for everyday household cleaning needs.” And further proclaimed, “Although the Green Dot Awards are worthy unto themselves, they are also a consumer guide to excellence in environmentally-sustainable practices. A business with a Green Dot Award is a business that can be trusted by consumers with stewardship of the environment.”Soap Nuts in Holiday Canisters

We have an incredible opportunity to spread the word about soap nuts and their fantastic benefits, and do so very economically – plus have some real fun in the process! “No, mom, they are not lumps of coal.” LOL!!! I can hear it all now. People are absolutely astounded that such a wonderful natural thing exists!

For those of us that use soap nuts we realize they are a dream come true. Not only are they the best and purest earth friendly detergent, but they can replace 90% of the everyday chemical cleaners around the house, too. To understand soap nuts is to love them. We veterans realize that to use them is the only way to fully embrace their wonders. So, let’s spread the word about these little gems from Mother Nature with our loved ones, friends and co-workers! We can share these healthy and fascinating green gifts to better people’s lives! That sure beats chocolates or silly things, don’t you think? (Oh, I wouldn’t recommend it as the only gift for your significant other. That might be a problem.)

The NaturOli team has been putting together lots of creative green gift ideas for you. And there are more soap nut products this year to consider – such as soap bars, soap nuts shampoo bars, liquid concentrate and maybe more. You will find a lot of fun soap nut gifts on the NaturOli Store.

Soap Nuts Starter Gift SetsHowever, here’s the simplest, most inexpensive way to share soap nuts and spread the word in a major way: Little soap nut samplers and trial sizes as green gifts and stocking stuffers! You can get soap nut samplers and trial bottles of Extreme 18X Soap Nuts Liquid Concentrate for very little cost. There are packages where you can get a bunch of them for parties and stuffers that are marked way down. You can be creative and even more frugal by simply getting large sized bags and start making up your own special green gifts. You will use about a half ounce (5 or 6 soap nuts) per each raw soap nut sampler. Get as many wash bags as you’ll need. Add some ribbon or a bow and you are good to go! (Eco-friendly embellishments are getting easier to find.) Now you just made lots of very inexpensive, environmentally friendly green gifts that are sure to be a huge hit! How cool is that?

(btw: If you have one of those with huge families, are throwing huge parties or planning the corporate holiday party, don’t be shy about writing for special orders and prices. The NaturOli team can accommodate just about anything. That’s a win-win for everybody! Try to plan ahead – it’s an exceptionally busy season.)Soap Nut Deluxe Gift Sets

If you choose to get soap nuts from NaturOli, the team will help you spread the word by providing information and directions pamphlets for every gift of soap nuts you give. (Printed on recycled paper with soy inks, of course.) Be sure to add a little note in the comments with your order that you are giving them as gifts. These info and instructions for soap nut use will make your earth friendly gifts all that much more meaningful and interesting. There is a lot of information in the pamphlets. Even Extreme 18X Liquid is described.

So, take a bunch of these great little green gifts to the holiday work party, to family get-togethers, block parties or whatever occasion! Put soap nuts in every stocking. Have some fun with them! One thing is a certainty – Everybody is curious about soap nuts. You’ll be amazed at the responses. Many are still skeptical, but they all want to see, touch, feel and try them! They are so new, unique and just plain cool.

My warmest wishes to you all! Happy green holidays!

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  1. Micah
    Micah says:

    This is a great post.. Very informative… I can see that you put a lot of hard work on your every post that’s why I think I’d come here more often. Keep it up! By the way, you can also drop by my blogs. They’re about Vegetable Gardening and Composting. I’m sure you’d find my blogs helpful too.

    Thank you, Micah.
    I do hope to have you visit often. I’ve been researching and working on some very interesting stuff. A lot is quite eye-opening. Keep up the valuable work on your site also!

  2. Tonya
    Tonya says:

    That is what I call a SUPERB forum about soap nuts, I never think about reading out a complete list of threads but this forum was successful in getting my attention and trust me, That’s unusual.

  3. Gertrude Scullen
    Gertrude Scullen says:

    All this information about soap nuts is so helpful. I grow my own vegetables, prepare them, and lose weight for my efforts. I am also well liked by my neighbors because I share. Thank you for sharing too.

  4. David and Julia (Chicago)
    David and Julia (Chicago) says:

    Hello, We are planning our company holiday party. We thought soap nuts would make for a cool green table favors. Having a very limited budget, do you have any suggestions on what and how to do this economically? Thanks in advance! D&J
    P.S. We need enough soap nuts for gifts for 50-75 attendees.

    That’s very cool of you folks. I suggest the idea to many. It’s such a great way to spread the word about soap nuts. You’ll find that people are very curious about them. It’s fun! You’ll see…

    The biggest thing is to be sure that guests will understand what soap nuts are. You don’t want people munching on them. lol! yuk… NaturOli has a cool little pamphlet that comes with there soap nuts. It’s small, attractive and folds out to many pages with lots of info about what they are, how to use them, etc. NaturOli sells ready-to-use soap nut filled sample bags. They are the same wash bags people will use them in. These come with the pamphlet I described.

    On NaturOli’s site, you can buy them in large quantity lots. Amazon sells them, too. Don’t buy them individually. You can also call NaturOli and order what you’ll need in bulk and make up your own. I suggest just sample sizes (enough soap nuts for 5 loads or more). It should cost you around $2 each. That’s pretty cheap in my book given how unique and interesting a gift they make. They’ll be a big hit!

    Here’s a couple links to some of the soap nut sampler lots I’m referring to:

    25-pack at Amazon

    50-pack at NaturOli

    You can get different lot quantities. I’m sure you’ll figure out what’s best. I appreciate you considering soap nuts as your green gifts this year. Have fun!!!


  5. Aimie
    Aimie says:

    I’m adding soap nut samples to all my gifts this year. I think it’s extra cool with clothing gifts. It’s a great green gift idea! Thank you for it!


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