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Let’s look purely at what soap nuts do for us – and keep it simple.

This may be the most elementary, yet most important article on Soapnuts.pro. Let us get right to the heart of what the heck a soap nut (soapberry) is, and lift the veil of mystery surrounding them. This segment is focused on only the VERY basics of what soap nuts are and WHAT THEY DO in the BROADEST sense. We will get more detailed regarding soap nuts’ origins, history, benefits, economics, uses, botany, science, FAQs, reviews, and more in other segments. Let’s first understand soap nuts at a purely CONCEPTUAL level. It is so simple. Soap berries are fruits that offer us a better, greener way to clean. Soap nuts produce natural soap. That’s it.

I am intentionally skipping ALL the nuances about soap nuts that create confusion and debate. Some statements and terms will be technically wrong – but VERY true and purposeful in understanding the fundamental concept. My purpose here is to help change HOW we think – to open up parts of our brains that have been clouded and stifled due to a lifetime of programming by big business. This is not an article that will nit-pick details. We are taking a bird’s eye view of the primary things soap nuts DO FOR US.

So, what are soap nuts? Nature’s soap. Plain and simple. And what does soap do? It cleans things. Now, we have just connected soap nuts to cleaning. We are on our way! Therefore, what do soap nuts do? They clean things!

Don’t worry about HOW just yet. What is critical is to understand is that soap nuts can replace virtually ALL synthetic, commercial, chemical cleaners in our homes. You can keep your laundry and home wonderfully clean, fresh, bacteria and pest free – and never purchase another big jug of Tide, fabric softener, dryer sheet, bottle of Windex, canister of Comet or can of pesticide ever again! A bag of soap nuts can replace them all. Herein is our paradigm shift – the beginning of our deprogramming. This is the beginning of recognizing safer, better, natural OPTIONS in how we do our most rudimentary, everyday cleaning and household maintenance.

Think of soap nuts this way: They are Mother Nature’s soap. Soap nuts do not come out of a chemical processing plant. She just grows them on trees. How is this possible? Mother Nature can do whatever she wants. She doesn’t get paid for it, nor does she promote them. Same as accidentally discovering fire, thousands of years ago man discovered a fruit that produced lather. What does lather do? It facilitates cleaning. What did man discover about soap nuts? They clean things!

“I thought it was a detergent.” What does a detergent do? It cleans things. Is it a soap or detergent? Both. For the purpose of changing HOW we think, this doesn’t matter. What DOES matter is that our brains accept that soaps, detergents, cleansers and cleaners DO NOT need to be manufactured by man – that nature’s soap nuts clean things (as well and even better).

Where do they come from? Trees. Let’s just call them soap trees. Most trees produce something that enables them to start growing baby trees. Right? Who cares if it is a fruit, nut, berry or acorn? If you take a handful of them – and can lather up and clean with them – it’s a soap. That is EXACTLY what soap nuts do. Certain special trees produce fruits that produce soap. Those special fruits are commonly called soap nuts and/or soap berries.

Mother Nature has her own ready-to-use “brand” of soap. Natural cleaners have been around for ages in various botanicals long before man ever started making soap. Soap nuts simply clean EXCEPTIONALLY well – plus offer us even MORE benefits that we’ll deeply probe into.

Where have soap nuts been all this time? Since Mother Nature doesn’t work for profit – that’s WHY they are new to most of us. She doesn’t market or advertise. It is mainly ancient Far Eastern cultures that have knowledge regarding uses for soap nuts. People elsewhere around the world found other ways to make and profit from producing man-made soap ages ago. There was no motivation for man to seek alternatives. Everybody was happy, and money was pouring in. If Mother Nature was in it for the money, soap nuts would be on store shelves around the world.

As an Asian Indian gentleman explained to me: His family knows soap ONLY as soap nuts. They grew up with them. Be it to bathe, wash clothes, clean jewelry, repel pests or whatever – when they started cleaning, they pulled out the soap nuts.

Go get yourself some soap nuts. Put a handful of them in a wash bag, sock or wrap them up in a washcloth. Get them totally wet and start rubbing and squeezing them. Guess what you get? Suds. These suds indicate cleaning power and much more.

So, soap nuts grow on trees and they produce soap. Understand THAT and the rest will follow. Using soap nuts are a very important option that we have – that we were not aware of. They are putting us on a path to a healthier, chemical-free age. Soap nuts will change how we think about cleaning – forever.

We are beginning a new, “green” age. There are many age-old, natural ways to do many everyday things. Cleaning is only one of them – but a HUGE one. Understand all your options and choose what’s best for you. Soap nuts are a great one to know about.

Freedom of choice has taken a quantum leap with soap nuts. Today our cleaning product options are no longer limited to deciding between which “commercial” brands we buy. Soap nuts are now an option, too – and one of the greatest ones ever discovered.

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  1. Ruben
    Ruben says:

    I love using soap nuts! Will never go back to regular detergent. I use them for cleaning almost everything. Great site. Great work!

  2. sensitive skin and nose NO MORE!
    sensitive skin and nose NO MORE! says:

    Great site! You convinced me to use soap nuts plus change to other organic detergents and cleaners and other greener skincare and hair care products. Almost everything! I started following your blog a few months ago because I liked your honesty. You set an example to emulate.

    YOU have made my entire LIFE so much more pleasant. I had no idea just how big a difference the changes would make. I feel better. I don’t itch or get rashes anymore. I feel like I can breath again! WITHOUT SNEEZING ALL THE TIME!!!!!! This is a BIG thank you! It seems like that’s not much. Know that God knows that you changed a person’s life for the better and asked for nothing. I remind Him all the time! Bless you!

    Marjorie in West Fairfield, Connecticut

  3. Katy
    Katy says:

    Nice to see you blogging about soap nuts. Wish more people did! Your posts are phenominally insightful. VERY well done!

  4. Melody
    Melody says:

    I have read this and found it be to interesting. I just started making my own laundry soap with borax, washing soda and bar soap. This sounds much easier and better for the environment? Do you sell soap nuts or who do you trust where I can buy some?

    Hi Melody,

    You are certainly on the right track for making your own laundry detergent. You’ll find that soap nuts will provide you with the natural surfactant that will help it all come together even better for you! No, I don’t sell soap nuts here. I just try to provide good, solid advise on buying and using them properly.

    I am starting a program for “preferred” soap nut sellers program. You’ll find a page here that outlines the basic criteria to become one. It’s all of what I feel is most important to ensure a good transaction for the consumer. Soon I will start adding links for those sellers who have inquired and have met the criteria. In the meantime, I’ve made no secret of the fact that I believe in and support NaturOli’s “packaged and/or made in the USA” processing methods. I simply don’t want to “promote” any one seller. There are many good sellers out there. You just need to be a little discriminating, know what you are looking for, and ask questions. The whole “How to Buy Soap Nuts” post is dedicated to the tips that will ensure you of a good transaction. Good luck and thanks for visiting! Be sure to tell us of your experiences!



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