Soap Nuts – Going beyond the laundry room… (Part 1)

IMPORTANT: Please note these Press Releases:

LOS ANGELES, CA –  MAY 19, 2012:
NaturOli Soap Nuts selected by LA Times as a “Top 4″ gray-water safe detergent! Plus tied for #1 for lowest cost per load! (Gray-water is basically ALL “non-toilet” water!)

The Green Dot Award Press Release:
NaturOli Beautiful, LLC of United States was Awarded Honorable Mention for the entry titled,  Soap Nuts and Saponin. In the jury’s own words, “NaturOli green detergents and cleansers. Use of saponin, which is derived naturally from soap nuts, is possibly the most significant green innovation in history for everyday household cleaning needs.” (That’s “everyday household cleaning needs” – NOT JUST LAUNDRY!)

Soap nuts (soap berries) took their foothold as an organic laundry soap for many very good reasons. They’re natural, organic, safe, chemical free, green – and economical. As discussed elsewhere, used properly they can reduce laundry costs by half! However, it’s become obvious that many users have questioned that if they work so well for laundry, why wouldn’t they work for other household cleaning purposes? It’s quite amazing how many commercial cleaning products fill our homes. Do your own inventory. I think you’ll be surprised – and how much did all that stuff cost???

With new efforts by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), home cleaning products are now being carefully scrutinized as they do with the highly respected Skip Deep database for personal care products. There is no doubt that consumers have realized that it’s a matter of exposure. Regardless of form and function, ALL toxic household products are a serious risk to our health and detrimental for our environment.

EWG has just begun it’s new database. They have published their “sneak peek” Hall of Shame which is the first step towards a more comprehensive database. Give it a look. You may view or download the pdf. Their initial database will be unveiled this fall (2012). Again, you’ll likely be surprised – particularly with such common (and often thought to be benign) household products such as Simple Green, Whink, Scrubbing Bubbles, and even Glade Air Freshener at the TOP of the hazard list. As usual, after looking beyond all the greenwashing (green marketing hype), the truth is frightening.

It’s a given that soap nuts are a safe, non toxic alternative to commercial and chemical detergents, soaps and cleaners. There is a mountain of evidence and testimony that puts saponin as “…saponin, derived from soap nuts, is possibly the most significant green innovation in history for everyday household cleaning needs.” (Courtesy of the 2009 Green Dot Awards jury)

So, how do we take these soap nuts out of the laundry room to allow them to work their magic elsewhere in our homes? What cleaning products will they replace? How do I use them, and what do I do next? Let’s begin:

It’s beyond the scope of this article to address EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE USE in any detail. I will publish follow up articles to elaborate with specifics, details and even instructions. For now, let me suffice it to say that soap nuts can replace 75+% of the toxic household cleaning products that litter our homes – and are slowly poisoning us and our families.

The following list was published by NaturOli for a Facebook promotion of their award-winning EXTREME 18X soap nut liquid concentrate:
– windows, mirrors, glass
– chrome, stainless steel
– counter tops
– polished granite, stone, marble
– linoleum, vinyl, plastics
– painted surfaces
– auto/car wash (both inside & out)
– woodwork & wood flooring
– jewelry (metals, gemstones, pearls)
– upholstery (home or car – fabrics, vinyls, leathers)
– leathers & suedes
– carpets & rugs
– computer monitors, flat screen TVs, mobile phones & other sensitive surfaces
– even touchy “white-washed” painted walls, polished furniture, & waxed car finishes can be cleaned without concern.
– washing fruits and veggies
– cleaning your coffee maker (I just tried this one recently and was very pleased). I used a diluted weak 18X solution to ensure of no little particles in the liquid, and ran it through after a strong vinegar cleaning. It looks and runs like new! No taste or scent of vinegar remained. Excellent!
– nearly ANYTHING you can imagine!

Use of 18X is, hands down, the easiest and most convenient way possible for consumers to begin integration of soap nuts (saponin) into daily cleaning routines. As journalist, Angele Sionna, of put it: “It’s Soap Nuts in a bottle.” It simply takes any work and/or “cooking” out of the equation to get to the good stuff so to speak.

As will be discussed in future articles, be soap nuts in their raw form, powdered form, or liquid – there’s a place in our homes for ALL!

Just a taste of what’s to come:
1 – NaturOli often bundles a 1 ounce bottle of EXTREME 18x with their soap nuts as a trial with their soap nuts. Rather than using it all for washing laundry (incredibly that small bottle will actually do 6-12 average loads), but try adding it to a 16-20 ounce spray bottle of plain tap water. Period. Add nothing else – no vinegar is needed. (Personally, I hate the smell of vinegar.) – You will have just made the best darn glass cleaner you’ve ever used!
2 – Grind up some soap nuts to a very fine powder. A coffee grinder works well. Be sure they are very dry first or they’ll be difficult to grind finely. “Pieces” work great for making powder. If needed, allow them to sun/air dry until they become hard and brittle. Now, the next time you need a scouring powder for a sink, toilet, tile counter top, etc. instead of grabbing the Comet or Ajax – use the soap nut powder! Use it in the same way except more sparingly. You won’t need a lot. You’ll be amazed – and it’s totally chemical free! – You can buy the pre-made organic powder in many sizes (even in bulk bags) at little more per pound than the raw soap berries.

Can you imagine your home (and stores) without the vast plethora of hazardous cleaning products that fill shelves virtually everywhere? For the first time in history, soap nuts and soap berry derivatives make this a real and viable possibility.

Welcome to the new age of TRULY safe and green cleaning!