8-27-2010: has grown beyond all expectations with between 2-3,000 monthly new visitors! We now wish to reward the independent businesses and retailers who abide by the precepts and practices set forth here to ensure consumer satisfaction. So, we extend a special invitation to all soap nuts sellers to become “Preferred” Sellers. All verified “Preferred” Sellers will be provided either a web site link, or a posting of business contact information – totally free of charges or fees. “Preferred” Sellers agree to:

– Provide an accurate identification of the soap nut species.

– Accurately describe condition. (age of soap berries, year of harvest, with seeds or de-seeded, etc.)

– Provide proof of inspection, sorting and packaging within the US or Canada.

– Provide proof of any advertised “official” certifications.

– Have a working phone line and verifiable physical location.

– Offer a merchandise return policy (for retail customers).

– Offer secure methods of payment (credit card, Paypal, etc.).

For more info on becoming a “preferred” seller (or to verify a seller’s “Preferred” status), please email [email protected]


Customers may buy soap nuts from “Preferred” Sellers with a greater confidence of receiving the only the highest quality soap nut products and enhanced customer service. We are currently constructing the web pages for your access to information on verified “preferred” sellers. Thank you for your patience while we organize and assemble our data. In the meantime, feel free to send your inquiries about sellers to [email protected]

Become a Soap Nuts Pro "Preferred Seller" today! Email [email protected] for details.