It doesn’t get more “natural” than this!

So, if you have been wondering where soap nuts come from, and/or how they are harvested and processed: this video is for you! No chemicals, no toxic by-products, no factories, no pollution. They are simply a green, sustainable resource brought to you directly by Mother Nature – and mankind at work.

Thanks to some very good folks in Nepal, this excellent video is now available. Note that it shows the soap nuts being de-seeded! De-seeding is a vital part of the processing (and easily seen as the most labor intensive part). Now you may see with your own eyes, why soap nuts WITH SEEDS are sold so cheaply. – Twice the weight, and virtually half the hand work!


The specific techniques and methods shown in this video vary from country to country, village to village, merchant to merchant, exporter to exporter, etc. These soap nuts are being harvested and processed for a Nepalese exporter. It’s noteworthy to point out that the berries are weighed and then sold by the harvesters and processors to the exporter. i.e., No Fair Trade issues. This exporter has also acquired Ecocert certification. Ecocert is the organic certifying agency for both Nepal and India (the primary countries of origin for soap berries).

IMPORTANT: Only Certified USDA Organic “Handlers” within the USA are permitted to process, sort, and package soap nuts for resale. Only such Handlers may rightfully display the Official USDA Certified Organic Seal. (This is a commonly violated law, so if in doubt, ask for the seller’s copy of their official “Handlers” certification.)

Enjoy the video!

Video Courtesy of:
Discover Nepal Exports Ltd.
Discover Nepal Adventure Ltd.
Global Packers and Movers Ltd.
Director: Sushil Mainali
Cameraman: Narayan PrasainSpecial Thanks:
Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture and Bio-resources (ANSAB)

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